Developing Novel Therapeutics

to fight Type-2 Diabetes and other Metabolic Disorders. 


Pramana Pharmaceuticals Inc.

is an early-stage pharmaceutical company focused on the development of novel therapeutics based on small molecule platforms


The Company’s lead product

in its pipeline is an innovative GPR119 agonist based treatment for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (“T2DM”) and other Metabolic disorders including Obesity.


The Company has focused on, and successfully achieved, the creation of a new chemical class based on its novel design strategy.

Unlocking The  Power of Therapeutic Compounds

Advancing the  potential of a novel activation of the Pancreas 

GPR119 is a G protein-coupled receptor expressed predominantly in the pancreas (β-cells) and gastrointestinal tract (enteroendocrine cells) in humans.  In vitro studies have indicated a role for GPR119 in the modulation of insulin release by pancreatic β-cells and of glp-1, gip and pyy secretion by gut enteroendocrine cells.   

Proprietary Technology Platform

Overseen by a world class scientific team, Pramana has utilized their expertise in the development of its potent, selective and proprietary wholly owned GPR119 portfolio.

Pramana's Proprietary Pipeline

Development is 100% funded by the founders

Pramana‘s corporate structure was designed with a goal of establishing a robust pipeline through preclinical research conducted in a highly innovative and cost-effective manner. 

Recent Pre-Clinical Licensing Deals:

Merck acquires NGM Bio's preclinical pipeline target Diabetes Nash and Obesity for $450 million and a  $94 million

upfront payment

Eli Lilly acquires Aurka Pharma compound AK-01  cancer target for $735 million with a $110 million 

upfront payment


Eli Lilly acquires Silicon Therapeutics Inc compound target Type 1 Diabetes  for $473 million with a $63 million 

upfront payment


Celgene acquires TRPH-395 small molecule cancer target for $940 million with a $40 million upfront payment 


Eli Lilly acquires Chugai's Owl833 GLP1 agonist compound target Type 2 Diabetes for undisclosed milestones with a $50 million upfront payment


The market is shifting

The market is shifting from Insulin based drugs to non-insulin-based treatments. By 2023, the top 10 products which are expected to occupy more than 40% of the market will be non-insulin products.