Advancing the  potential of a novel activation of the Pancreas 

GPR119 is a G protein-coupled receptor expressed predominantly in the pancreas (β-cells) and gastrointestinal tract (enteroendocrine cells) in humans.  In vitro studies have indicated a role for GPR119 in the modulation of insulin release by pancreatic β-cells and of glp-1, gip and pyy secretion by gut enteroendocrine cells.   

Overseen by a world class scientific team, Pramana has utilized their expertise in the development of its potent, selective and proprietary wholly owned GPR119 portfolio.

Development is 100% funded by the founders

Pramana‘s corporate structure was designed with a goal of establishing a robust pipeline through preclinical research conducted in a highly innovative and cost-effective manner. 

Recent Pre-Clinical Licensing Deals:

The market is shifting

The market is shifting from Insulin based drugs to non-insulin-based treatments. By 2023, the top 10 products which are expected to occupy more than 40% of the market will be non-insulin products.

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