About us

We are driven to transform the boundaries of life-changing biotech

We are a GPCR centric Biopharmaceutical company advancing a broad pipeline of biologic drug candidates. Our library of Novel potent GPCR agonists was discovered and optimized in-house. Our IP portfolio is robust and covers a vast library of wholly owned small molecules, with multiple issued patents. We have the molecular equity and experience to address large unmet medical needs in metabolic disorders including Diabetes, Obesity and Nash.

We leverage our deep scientific expertise in GPCR’s through discovery and drug development to enable accelerated innovation. At Pramana, our team is continually exploring new pathways to provide best in class candidates to the clinic. We are passionate Drug hunters with a formidable track record of  success. Our combined expertise and development strategies has enabled scientific breakthroughs. 

We are driven to deliver Novel best in class therapeutics to the clinic for the benefit of millions of  patients suffering from metabolic disease.